Hungarian raw-stoner band formed in early 2014. The band is composed of vocalist Gergely Laszlo, guitarist Zoltan Horvath, bassist Attila Balogh, and drummer Dominik Dencs. They released they debut full length album ‘Bipolar World’ in August 2016. The band delivers a raw kind of stoner music, with grunge and all kind of rock influence, mixed with some pure loudness. There isn’t any unnecessary fill or track. What you hear on the record is what you get live.

 Dungaree Band Dungaree zenekar Dungaree stoner rock

"it evokes the rebelliousness of a bygone time. "

H.P. Taskmaster  - The Obelisk

"Bluesy hard rock with plenty of gritty stoner attitude. "


"brutal riffs, it will rip your face off"



Petőfi Rádió "Best song of the month" winner Dungaree - Glazed Eyes (2016-September) 
GBOB(RO) 2nd place, judges' favourite band (2015)
Wacken Metal Battle Hungary - top 10 band in Hungary (2015) 

Live act